“The most exciting aspect of the painting experience
is the creative process itself: that spontaneous flow of
energy working through the artist, condensed into form.
Each one of my paintings is a momentary pause in the
ongoing expression of who I am...”

Karen Baker uses the commonplace visuals of landscape,
florals, and still life to express her visual dialogue with nature
and the world around her. She most often works in a series.
For example, the poppy series, now numbering over
100 paintings, is primarily a self-portrait, a personal road
map for the artist. Her landscapes are etheric and at times
glorious in what they say about the quietude found in nature.
Through her art, Baker continues to cross the bridge to the
unknown in an effort to identify that place of completeness
within all of us.

Baker's award-winning fine art has secured her membership
in the prestigious Pastel Society of America as well as
Vermont Pastel Society, Southwest Florida Pastel Society,
and Connecticut Pastel Society, where she holds signature
membership. She exhibits regularly in regional and national
shows and is represented by galleries in New England and Florida.
She is available for commissioned work and also teaches
workshops on technique and the creative process through the
Fletcher Farm School and the Vermont School of Art & Creativity.

Hollyhocks #4

Poppy Field #57

Apple Blossoms