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~ The juried Fine Art Search is closed at this time ~

Art Buzz juried Fine Art Search
Winners to be featured in Art Buzz Collection volume!
(Prospectus & Entry Form are below - competition is closed at this time)

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ART BUZZ, The 2014 juried Fine Art Search - Now Closed

~ Entry Form below - scroll down ~

Fine Art Search prospectus ...
Art Buzz Publishing, founded in 2007, offers an alternative to mainstream art publications and a way for lesser known and undiscovered visual artists to showcase their work to an international audience. Most of the current visual art created is by struggling and unknown artists living in various parts of the world yet most of the art publications only feature the work of artists that have achieved a certain amount of notoriety. Those mainstream publications have no incentive to seek out lesser known artists because they cater to major galleries and museums which, as a rule, only show work by established artists. Therein exists a void and it is the mission of Art Buzz Publishing to fill that void with this – the premier annual Contemporary Visual Arts Showcase, hardcover publication.

Through our annual Art Buzz Fine Art Search, we call out to passionate emerging and mid-career visual artists throughout the world. They are encouraged to enter this juried competition and those artists selected—chosen solely on the merits of their work not their resume, background, biography, etc.—are awarded with inclusion in the upcoming Art Buzz Collection volume. And, unlike many other publications, artists can not buy their way into this book. Talented, hardworking artists of all the various visual art media are welcome to answer the call to enter. In this way, Art Buzz will continue to publish these premier publications with one mission – to showcase an eclectic collection of exciting, contemporary visual art from around the world.

Art Buzz, the book, is an annual, full-color, fine quality, large format (8.5" x 11" - not square this year), hardcover publication that is scheduled for release in January of each year with a vigorous distribution plan targeted directly to the International Fine Art Community. Truly, this is a beautiful hardcover book, not a magazine. Each volume of Art Buzz will be available to order directly from Art Buzz and additional copies will be distributed directly to active art dealers and collectors in the United States and other parts of the world.* (see "fyi" above)

Artists information ...
Art Buzz Publishing (as well as, the website), is dedicated to the appreciation and advancement of contemporary visual art and its creators. The pages of Art Buzz, the book, are open to all committed emerging and mid-career visual artists, including visual artists that have yet to venture out for public scrutiny. Art Buzz, founded by artist T.A. Blue, knows how important exposure is. Visual artists of various media are encouraged to enter this jured competition to be included and exposed in the next volume of Art Buzz Collection series – the book. From these entries, the artists' work is selected for inclusion (or not) based on its merits and impact, not on the artists' past achievements. The Art Buzz selection process is fair, unbiased and based on a level playing field. We are committed to showcasing high quality, exciting visual artwork of various media (Sorry, no video art) and the selected winning artists will surely be proud to appear in this outstanding, high quality, annual publication.

Selected artists work will be displayed in the book in a few different ways depending on the artist's award and, of course, there is no cost or commissions to pay (other than the nominal entry fee). All winning artists will have their personal contact email and website (if they have one) listed in the book. There will be multi-page, full-page and half-page exposure (depending on the award space allotment), complete with an artist's statement (supplied by the artist), for each award winning artist. All artwork images in the book will be reproduced as closely as possible to the winning entry that was received for the competition. Therefore, we highly recommend and insist that you send your best quality image files - ie: precise focus, proper lighting, high resolution, etc. (See Artwork Image Submission Requirements below) Plus, winning artists will receive a complementary Standard listing (with links) on the website and have the option of purchasing a copy(s) of the book at a deep discounted price.

Competition Guidelines ...
Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection - juried Fine Art Search
This competition is for the publication awards below and open to contemporary visual artists - worldwide.
(Note: Art Buzz reserves the right to adjust awards and space allotments listed below.)

Art Buzz Awards ...
Grand Prize - Best of Collection - Front Cover & min.2 Pages of Exposure plus 1 complementary Book
First Place - (one for each medium -
depending on merit of entries) - 2 Pages of Exposure
Second Place - (one for each medium -
depending on merit of entries) - 1.5 Pages of Exposure
Third Place - (one for each medium -
depending on merit of entries) - Full-page of Exposure
Honorable Mention - (several for each medium -
depending on merit of entries) - min. Half-page of Exposure

Eligibility ...
Open to all visual artists - worldwide - 18 years of age or older. All the various mediums will be accepted such as: painting (oils & acrylics, etc.), drawing, graphic art, photography (includes digital), mixed media, fiber, print making, sculpture, glass, metal, pottery, jewelry, etc. (Sorry, no nudes or video art) However, only one medium per entry form but as many images of your work, as you choose to submit, for that medium. If you wish to enter two different mediums (ex. oils and mixed media, or sculpture and jewelry, etc.), you are required to submit an entry form and fee for each particular medium you enter.

Artwork Image Submission Requirements ...
Artwork images must be submitted via digital jpeg or tiff files on a CD. see below...

Digital Files on a CD (this is the submission method) ...
Digital artwork image files will be accepted on a CD (NO DVDs) and should be readable by a Macintosh computer** and named in conjunction with the actual artwork title. All images should be large – 8" on the long side and high resolution – 300dpi (not 72dpi) – jpeg or tiff file format. All jpegs should be saved at the highest quality. All artwork files should represent your work accurately and honestly. The CD should be clearly labeled with the artist's name and number of images contained on the disc. CD must be accompanied by a printed paper copy of the contents (including images) on the disc and labeled with the artist's name, title of work, medium and dimensions for each artwork. (This printed paper copy is required by the jury.)

** If you use a PC computer, please take your art entry CD to a FedEx Kinkos, etc, and make sure it will open on a Mac computer.

A word about emailing artwork images ...
The digital files necessary for quality book printing are high resolution (300 dpi) and huge – unfortunately, they are too large to email. CDs are required.

Return of Submissions ...
We do not return CDs.

Artist Notification ...
All artists will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance via EMAIL. (If, for some reason, you do not have an email address, only the winning artists will be notified via US Mail or telephone.)

Entry Fee (reduced for early entries) ...
The entry fee for up to three (3) digital images is $30.00 (US Dollars) if received before June 15, 2013. The entry fee for three (3) digital images received after June 15, 2013 is $35.00. Artists that wish to enter more than three (3) art pieces may do so but they must include a check, with their submission package, for an additional $5.00 fee for each digital image over three (3). The entry fee can by paid via bank check or money order which must be in US Dollars and payable to Art Buzz. Artists can also choose to pay by credit card through PayPal which is very safe and secure. (three artwork entries included when paying via PayPal) Just press the button below and print out your PayPal transaction receipt to include with your entry submission package and mail to Art Buzz. (see address below)
Note: Entry fees are not refundable for any reason.

Deadline ...
All entries must be postmarked by September 30, 2013. (Remember, entries received before June 15, 2013 are rewarded with the above mentioned early-entry-discount.)

Pay the Entry Fee via PayPal
(please include a copy of your PayPal transaction with your submission)

~ The juried Fine Art Search is closed at this time ~
~ Art Buzz juried Fine Art Search is closed at this time ~

Entry Form ... Print this form (navigate to the 'Print' command on your computer and activate it) then fill it out, sign it and send it in with your artwork images, contents sheet and entry fee (or PayPal receipt). Please print clearly - if we can't read it, your entry will be discarded. Beat the deadline.
Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection (please type or print clearly and accurately)

Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Email: ________________________________________ Website: _______________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State: ___________________________

Country: _______________________________________ Zip (mail code): __________________________

Artwork Image list: (title of work, medium - all entered artwork should be of the same medium - & dimensions of work)

1. ___________________________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________________________

4.* __________________________________________________________________________________

5.* __________________________________________________________________________________

6.* __________________________________________________________________________________

7.* __________________________________________________________________________________
*$5.00 additional fee for each artwork entry over three (3) - (if more than 7, attach listings on a separate sheet).

I, the above named artist, agree to the terms of this competition and give my permission to have images of my work reproduced
for inclusion in and promotion of the publication, Art Buzz, and I verify that my age is 18 or older. ______________________
(artist must sign name here)         

Remember to include ...
Signed Entry Form ___, CD ___, Contents Sheet ___, Entry Fee ___

On what website did you first hear about this juried competition? __________________________________________

Please follow instructions and mail complete entry package to ...

Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection
27 Sophie Avenue
Dunedin, Florida 34698 USA

NOTE: Click on this link if you prefer an Entry Form PDF

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