Deadline: June 25, 2016 – SKETCHORAMA / Sketchbook Exhibition – Minnesota

The New Bohemian Gallery

Sketchbooks have been around for years and are used by everyone, whether for sketching and creating or simply for taking notes, making lists, and keeping information organized. They are a small glimpse into a whole other world of ideas, randomness, complete and unfinished process, and always a beginning to something new. Many times these special books that become an essential part of a person’s life are never seen by anyone other than their owner. In this exhibition we hope to change that by allowing artists to participate and submit a sketchbook for the community to open and explore for themselves. Those that participate will be given a sketchbook to do what ever they would like with, with exception of course. You will have a little over three months to complete your book and send it back to our gallery to be displayed in the exhibition. In addition to having the books on display, at least one image/page from each sketchbook will be selected by the gallery directors to be scanned and printed in a print/poster format. This will then be hung on the walls alongside the sketchbooks in the gallery. There is no specific theme for the sketchbooks in this exhibition, so take your time and come up with some great ideas, and then really get into – draw, write, collage, cut, print, and photograph your way to filling up the pages! We are very excited to bring this fun and interesting exhibition to you later this year, but need your support and participation now to make everything come together. We hope you will join us!

Visit our website for more information and the online submission form:


Saturday, June 25

Friday, July 1

Saturday, October 22


Friday, November 18 // 5:00 – 8:00 pm

All artwork accepted, from established and emerging artists, 18 or older, including sketchbooks that feature: painting, drawing, design, printmaking, photography, collage, mixed media, etc.

* Complete online submission form

* $20 submission fee payable through Paypal (Non Refundable)

* Artists will receive one, 7.5” x 10”, 120 page sketchbook

* Artists can create as many sketchbooks as they wish, but will need to complete additional submission forms and payment to do so.

* All sketchbooks will include a pre attached label on the inside cover, please fill in this information on this label so we can keep the books organized and easily identifiable.

* All sketchbooks must remain at 7.5” x 10” when closed, no bigger and no smaller! You may attach things to the inside pages of your book that open, fold out, or pop up to a larger size, but it must be able to fold down to its original size.

* All sketchbooks must remain thinner than one inch.

* Artists are encouraged to design the cover their book, and may rebind the cover and pages, as well as add pages and different kinds of paper, as long as the book remains at the original size requirements listed above. If you do rebind your book, please reattach the information label to the inside of the new cover that you have created.

* Please do not use glitter, attach things that may fall off or out of your sketchbook, or use any materials in the whole composition of your book that may be harmful to other books or our gallery staff.

* Please be aware of acrylic paint and gesso mediums, and limit their uses, as they may cause pages in your sketchbook to stick together.

* There is no theme for this exhibition. All artists are free to create what they would like in their own style.

* At least one image/page of each sketchbook submitted will be selected by The New Bohemian director to be scanned and printed in a print/poster format, which will be displayed on the walls of the gallery alongside the sketchbooks.

* At the end of the exhibition all artists will receive their sketchbooks back, along with the print/poster that was on display in the gallery.

* Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this exhibition, or especially if you are planning on altering your sketchbook and want to make sure it will be still be acceptable for the show.

The gallery will cover the shipping costs of sending the sketchbook to the artist and the return when the exhibition is over. Exhibiting artists are responsible for the shipping costs of sending the sketchbook to the gallery for the show. Submissions will not be accepted without payment.

Deadline: April 30, 2014 – Submissions for the International Contemporary Artists Exhibition (ICAE)/Paris, are Now Open!

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