Deadline: Nov. 30, 2015 – Art Call “Animals Wild or Domestic 2” $7,500 in Cash and Marketing Prizes is Proud to Announce “Animals Wild or Domestic 2” an online international competition. All Cash Prizes have doubled: First Place now $1,000. Total prizes: $7,500 in Cash and Marketing Prizes.

Deadline: November 30, 2015 (Midnight EST).

The artists, photographers and sculptors should convey the beauty, elegance, strength, speed, delicateness, size, and or the environment of the animal. The work can reflect on creatures of the land, sea and air from the love one feels for a pet, the amazing diversity of animal life on our planet and or the concern for protecting all creatures large and small from extinction. The art can be expressed from realism to abstraction.

Link to The Art Call: “Animals Wild or Domestic 2”


Deadline: Nov. 16, 2015 – Call For Entries “Portraits” for a 15-artist group exhibition announces a Call For Entries “Portraits” in All Still Mediums, for an online Group Exhibition, up to 15 artists will be chosen for the exhibit

Deadline: November 16, 2015 (Midnight EST).

Theme “Portraits”, the portraitures or self-portraits should be more than just a likeness of the subject, it should tell the viewer about the inner person. The curators and judges will select work based on the originality, uniqueness of the vision conveyed, and quality of execution. The work can be expressed from realism to abstraction. Artists and Exhibit will be extensively marketed with numerous Press Releases, Social Media Marketing, Event Listings & Event Calendars, and featured in our Art Market Newsletter with over 16,000 subscribers.

Link to The Art Call: Portraits”


Deadline: Oct. 19, 2015 – Call For Entries, “Scapes II” $7,500 in Cash & Art Marketing

Call For Entries: “Scapes II” $7,500 in cash and marketing prizes.
All Cash Prizes have doubled: 1st Place now $1,000, etc…
Deadline: October 19, 2015 (Midnight EST)
Theme: “Scapes II” Artists/Photographers work that provides us with original interpretations of different types of landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, or mindscapes from representational to abstract. The visual narrative of the work should transport the viewer to experience the beauty, uniqueness, or fantasy of these special places.
Eligible Work: The competition is open to artists worldwide, 18 years of age or older expressing themselves in any 2D still medium: painting, photography, collage, drawing, digital art, etc.

Link to Art Call: “Scapes II”


Deadline: May 11, 2015 – “Flowers Of Spring” – Art Competition

“Flowers of Spring” Art Call by with $7,600 in Cash and Prizes.  Deadline: May 11, 2015.  (Winners will receive extensive marketing of their work.)

Theme: “Flowers of Spring”  The seasonal shift into spring historically has inspired artists to create some of their most beautiful works of art.  Spring flowers have symbolized new life, beauty, peace and love. The abundance of flowers in the spring has always inspired and challenged the creative mind.

This international juried competition is open to all artists 18 years of age or older.  Entry fees:  $20 (1 image), $35 (3 images) and $60 (7 images). The artist’s work can be any two-dimensional still medium, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, Collage, Flat Fiber Art, etc.   The work can be from representational to non-representational.

To read more and enter the art call “Flowers Of Spring”

Deadline: April 20, 2015 – “Emotion & Energy of Color II” Art Call – First Place $1,000 in cash is proud to announce a call to artists/photographers: “Emotion And Energy of Color II”,  with cash prizes doubled = $1,500 in cash and $6,825 in prizes – (Winners will receive extensive marketing of their work.) Deadline: April 20, 2015.

Theme: “Emotion & Energy of Color II” The visual narrative of the work should present an individual interpretation of the subject, expressed in the emotion, energy and power of color.  How you as a visual artist/photographer interpret the world, your surroundings, dreams, passion, spirituality and emotions with color.

The work can express any aspect from representational to abstract. An online-juried international fine art competition open to all artists/photographers 18 years of age or older working in any 2 dimensional medium, drawing, painting, photography, digital art, collage, etc.

Cash prizes have doubled First Place $1,000 in cash etc…

$1,500 in cash and $6,825 in prizes.

Deadline: April 20, 2015


Art Call Link: “Emotion And Energy of Color II”