Deadline: May 2, 2016 – Call For Art | Make Art Great Again

The Resident Artists Gallery at The Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd MN is now accepting submissions for “Make Art Great Again: On Borders, Walls, and Duality”, a new collective exhibition. Our gallery committee has been busy absorbing the divisive language flooding the present political atmosphere, and tracing its threads back into history. Refugee crises and border walls emit historical echoes of apartheid and the Cold War, the cultural and physical divisions of Israel, South Africa, and the Koreas. Searchers in the West have spent the last few decades tearing down the wall between politics and spirituality by turning to the wisdom of Eastern philosophy to help explain the ancient polarities of have/have not, good/evil, and us/them, looking for a road map out of a seemingly eternal struggle that feels both futile and inevitable. We look forward to seeing your submissions exploring these subjects, and yes, we will entertain your Trump portraits.

The deadline for art received is Monday, May 2nd.

The opening reception for this show is May 6th from 5-8 and will run from May 7th through June 25th.

Find all the info about our gallery and submission process at

See the submissions page at–submission-form.html

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