Black Minus Afrika exhibit | Oakland, CA

Black Minus Afrika
February 21st

Oakland, CA- Blackball Universe is a creative collective near Jack London Square in Oakland. Every month, the collective hosts an art show featuring exciting and unique local art. This February, Blackball is hosting Black Minus Afrika, an exhibition that places a critical eye on global perceptions of Blackness in the twenty-first century. As expansive definitions of Blackness proliferate and influence international cultural production, they no longer conjure up simple visual connotations of Africa, the corporeal primitive or the exotic. Like a mathematical equation the continent becomes the part by which one’s identity and experiences begin to add or take away from the perceptions and stereotypes of what cultural Blackness is, or is not. The show features the work of the artists Githinji Omiiroo, Carolyn Jean Martin, and Opesanwo. On February 21st, we will be hosting an artist reception party. Visitors will have the chance to casually meet the featured artists while enjoying free drinks, music, and hors d’oeuvres.

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