Deadline: Dec. 31 – “Home” International Call For Artists by ArtAscent

The competition theme is “Home”. Home can be a building, a room, a space. Home should feel comfortable and safe, a place where you belong. It might be a sanctuary of safety, a group of objects with memories that create a personal space, a country or community of people that share a familiarity, or anywhere your loved ones are. Perhaps simply having a warm bed with a cup of tea, or being able to be emotional honest without pretense is your ‘home sweet home’. Show us what home means to you.

$100 cash prize for gold winner. 3 winners receive an artist profile feature in ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal. 20 prizes of publication in ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal including links to your website, promotion on ArtAscent website artist directory, and exposure in social media.

Entries may include 2- and 3-dimensional media, such as paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, installations, ceramics, jewelry and sculpture.

Submission deadline: December 31, 2013
Entries start at $15
See for submission details and to enter.

One thought on “Deadline: Dec. 31 – “Home” International Call For Artists by ArtAscent

  1. This may just be a coincidence but I say it is destiny. I find it quite entertaining and delightful to see how my painting finally got selected for this “Home” theme. My astrological sign being Cancer which rules the forth house as well as represents “Home & Family”. In 2011, I painted MY SECRET REFUGE (A Windowless Hermit Castle) to shelter myself and escape from a series of unfortunate events that were plaguing me at that time. Instead of just feeling sorry for myself or cowering with depression, I tried to create an imaginary sanctuary. Now, that very painting won an honorable mention, bringing me recognition and will be inside this beautiful and prestigious art magazine. Gives a whole new perspective on life doesn’t it? Lesson Reinforced: Trials & Tribulations you face today may reap you unexpected Rewards later. It is therefore important to use your precious time productively.

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