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Below is a "bit of the buzz" from a few of our artist friends ...

I got the Art Buzz (books). They look awesome! Thank you so much for having me in your wonderful book. Smiles Later,

Tony J. - artist in Connecticut USA


Tutu - artist in New Delhi, India

Dear Alan Rowe and Art Buzz Staff, Thank you for including me/my work in the Art Buzz Collection book. It is wonderful to have your support in my work - it makes a difference and thanks for being there! I have also found your website incredable resourceful. I appreciate your generous effort to promote artists and their work.

Sincerely, PD - artist in Brooklyn, NY USA

Dear Alan, I was telling my wife how awesome it is to be a member of Your site is long overdue for artists around the world who are somewhat like me, unable to roam the streets peddling their art! I am definitely sure that Van Gogh would have loved living in this day of ours where you are known by a touch of a button. Sincerely,

Gille - artist ( paints with his nose) in California USA

Dear Tony B, I would like to thank Art Buzz for including me in the collection. I think you have done a fabulous job with the book, surpassing my expectations. Your organization is greatly appreciated by many people like me, looking for a different venue for exposure... things can be a little tricky here in the Bahamas. My best wishes go to you and the future success of Art Buzz.

Joan W. - artist in the Bahamas

Hi, just wanted say thank you! and tell you how thrilled I am with the new Art Buzz 2009 book I received today in the mail. What a gorgeous book, and what excellent and amazing art from all over the world! ...

Susan - artist in Largo, Florida USA

Thanks Tony, I agree with your initiative re: the (artist's) statement... I like what you've done and congratulate you...very professional. Thank you again; I'm pleased to be on board ( and look forward to the voyage.

John - artist on Planet Earth

Hello All, I received my art books yesterday and want to thank all of you for yet another exceptional job. How exciting to see all of this new work. Your books are great. I look forward to them every season. I am aware of the work involved and very appreciative.

Claudia F. - artist in Texas USA

Hello, Thank you again for this awesome opportunity I think the work you are doing is great. I hope that I may help people the way you do someday. Sincerely,

Maryjane - artist in Seattle, Washington USA

Alan, ...Thank you for posting our events and we are excited to support your website,

Elizabeth - Museum of the Living Artist, California USA

Hi Tony, Alan & everyone at Art Buzz, I am so excited to have been chosen as one of your featured artists for the 2009 Art Buzz Book. I feel very honored to have my art included in such a beautiful book full of fabulous, amazing artists from around the world. Thank you for this great opportunity. Best Regards,

Jill, artist in Texas USA

Hi Alan, Thanks! The gallery page looks great. I love it. I will spread the word for sure about Best regards,

Patricia - artist in Orlando, Florida USA

Hi Tony, ...Thanks so much for doing this for us.
It is great to have the exposure!

Gainor, artist in Pasco Co., Florida USA

The Art Buzz organisation is really doing a great work, to give artist exposure. Many artist are dieing with thier talent. But I thang God for the great job this organisation is doing to expose hiden artist.

Lawani - artist in Nigeria

Hi Tony, Congratulations on your great work with Art Buzz. I look forward to working with you and seeing both of us grow. Please keep me informed. Cheers,

Nickie - Tennessee Art League USA

Dear Alan, I just want to extend my thanks to you for organizing and publishing your beautiful book, Art Buzz: The 2009 Collection. The book is outstanding resource in which I can view the works of like minded artists such as myself. I was thrilled to be a small part of this collaborative effort. Thank you for taking on such a monumental task. Cheers,

Barb - artist in Missoula, Montana USA

Hi Tony, ...Thought I should tell you that I had an email from a person in Florida who will be traveling in this part of Vermont in a month or so. Inquiry about "what goes on here??" She saw our listing on! Thanks!

Camilla - Wooden Horse Arts Guild, Vermont USA

Hi Everyone at Art Buzz...Thanks for making me one of your Featured Artists. I really appreciate it and your Website is doing a great and class-act service to artists and the public. Thanks for being there!.

Patrick - artist in Florida USA

Hello Tony, Just to tell you that I have had a link to Art Buzz placed on my website, and am still more than pleased with what you have done and are doing. Best Regards,

John - artist in Australia

We think your website is great and would like to work closer with you. ... Thanks,

Isabella - Hollywood, California USA

Alan, ...The book (Art Buzz, The Collection) is beautiful!! I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Thanks again,

Joan - artist in Chicago, Illinois USA

Alan, I have just received the Art Buzz Collection book. It is wonderful ! I'm very honored and very excited to be a part of it. Thank you for the opportunity ...

Deb - artist in Sylvania, Ohio USA

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Have a super, creative day! Tony Blue, founder & director

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